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How Does It Work

We focus relentlessly in identifying and boosting key metrics that crucial to your firm.

We provide market research, helps develop firm's strategic planning, implement marketing management through various marketing channel, and improve operational efficiency with the end goal of increased firm's revenue.

Our industry experiences in working with clients in various sectors including industrial, technology, Companion Animal, Beauty & Wellness, and much more.

Influencer Key Opinion Leaders (KOL)
Live Broadcast e-Commerce Platforms
Sales Exhibition Product Launching

Solution Flow (Must Read)

Holistic Review of Company

Thorough discussion on client's business needs, identification area of concerns, and determine client's yearly goals and objectives are vital in shaping future strategic planning.

Market Research & Analysis

Research on Marco and Micro data for products or services including the lifecycle, demographic, geographical, income range, economic factor, political factor, and competitor analysis. The more data captured, the higher success rate to achieve client's objectives and goals.

Strategic Planning

Managing business proposal based on objectives and goals with key focus on increasing client's sales revenue. Identification and selection of best marketing management platforms whether in social media, digital platform, TV station, radio station, news platform, shopping malls and public areas.


Execution of digital marketing activity including influencers/KOLs services, live streaming event, Google and YouTube clicks conversion, Facebook and Instagram engagement, e-data collection, e-commerce website, Lazada plaform, Shopee plaform, PrestoMall plaform, and mobile development. To complement online activity, an on-ground marketing can be executed including seasonal sales event, road show, exhibition, and road tour.


Performance will be gauged on overall sales leads and sales revenue generated.