Building User Engagement
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How Does It Work

We pride ourselves in mastering marketing strategies by applying sharp shooting concept in combining platforms, channels and contents.

Market research helps you in developing firm's strategic planning, implement marketing management through various marketing channel, and improve operational efficiency with the end goal of increased brand visibility and user interaction.

Success story with clients in various sectors including industrial, technology, Companion Animal, Beauty & Wellness, and much more.

Influencer Key Opinion Leaders (KOL)
Live Broadcast Web Video Commercial
Roadshow & Exhibition Advertisement
TV / Radio Station Film Production

Solution Flow (Must Read)

Holistic Review of Company

Round table discussion on client's area of concerns especially on branding related. This includes identification of product/services selling points, emphasize and capitalize on primary advantages.

Market Research & Analysis

Research on Marco and Micro data for products or services including the lifecycle, demographic, geographical, income range, economic factor, political factor, and competitor analysis. The more data captured, the higher success rate for brand exposure and user reach out.

Marketing Management

Omni marketing plan would be proposed based on objectives and goals with key focus on increasing user engagement and brand exposure. Identification of suitable marketing management channels whether in social media, digital platform, TV station, radio station, news platform, shopping malls and public areas.


Execution of digital marketing activity including influencers/KOLs services, live streaming event, Google impression, YouTube video view rate, Facebook and Instagram impression, content management, e-data collection, website design, mobile development, cinema advertisement, Astro and FM. To complement online activity, an on-ground marketing can be executed including private event, printed advertisement, exhibition and road show.


Marketing performance gauged based on brand engagement and conversion rate.